Dave Jones with school childrenDave Jones will put insurance customers first.
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  1. Dave Jones will fight to make sure that insurers do not take advantage of consumers. He understands that when people pay for insurance, they expect their insurance to be there when they need it.
  2. Dave Jones will hold insurers accountable and will work to keep insurance rates affordable. He will use the full authority of the office to make sure that health insurers do not engage in “medical recission” – the practice of finding reasons to rescind health insurance just when people are sick or injured and need it most.
  3. Dave Jones has been a strong advocate for consumers in the State Legislature. He has chaired both the Judiciary Committee and the Health Committee; and he has successfully passed legislation that protects medical and financial privacy, prevents seniors from being abused, and improves health care.
  4. Dave Jones has a strong record of protecting the environment. That’s why he is endorsed by the Sierra Club. He also introduced the Green Insurance Act of 2010. This landmark legislation establishes environmental standards and protections in the insurance business, and provides incentives and tax credits for offering green insurance and making green investments. (Read More.)
  5. Dave Jones was named Consumer Champion by the Consumer Federation of California. Capitol Weekly called him the Legislature’s most effective legislator.

    Dave Jones with doctors

  6. Dave Jones understands that the decisions of the Insurance Commissioner need to be transparent. That’s why he has authored legislation requiring the Department of Insurance to obtain public input and hold hearings on major decisions.
  7. Dave Jones is widely respected for his collaborative approach to problem solving, including working with colleagues across the aisle to obtain solutions.
  8. Dave Jones is an advocate for comprehensive health care reform and has introduced legislation to control health insurance costs and to reform the health care system. Jones has also introduced legislation to prevent discrimination by health insurance. He is well aware that consumers have faced more than 100% increase of in health insurance costs in the last ten years, and that many are at risk of losing their insurance. Additionally, there are 6 million Californians without insurance.
  9. Dave Jones has the training, experience and commitment to be our Insurance Commissioner.